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Dodging Angels

January 6, 2012

So we have all seen the bumper stickers that say ” Don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly”. And don’t get me wrong this is a great thought, but doesn’t it always seem like the car that has that sticker placed proudly in the very center of their bumper so everyone can see, is driving like they are trying to dodge their angel? They are speeding and ducking in and out of traffic like if they are trying to audition for the movie “Speed 4”.

Most of this can be traced back to the fact that we have cram packed our day so full of stuff, that if we don’t go 100mph we can’t accomplish everything we have set out to do. This is not a new thing. I can just picture a Jewish woman pulling a donkey at hard as she can with her children on it screaming at people so she isn’t late to their “parent, rabbi” conference.

God tells us that sometimes we just need to be still. I know that can really be a huge stretch for some of us but it would do all of us some good if we would just be still for a few minutes a day. If we keep running like we are trying to dodge our guardian angels then we might just do it.

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