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Just Take a Breath

January 6, 2012

I have been blessed to have some amazing people in my life. People that I don’t know if I could make it without, but today I have been reminding of what an amazing gift God has chosen to give me. The gift of ” Just Taking a Breath”. Now that might not seem like much, but whenever you are put in a aggravating situation, and everyone else is getting mad and loosing their cool you can truly see what a gift from God this really is. I used to get furious over the smallest things (and still do occasionally) and one day at work the Lord laid this simple thought on my heart, ” now what did that accomplish”. After sitting back and looking at what an idiot I looked like to everyone, I had to realize” getting mad didn’t do a lick of good”. So I have adopted the motto that whenever things get frustrating and I just want to lose my cool, I just think ” What good will that really do?” So now I just step back take a breath and smile through (most) of the hard times.

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