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January 19, 2012

I recently heard a preacher make a pretty profound statement. It really caught me off guard just how true this was. He had asked a question on Facebook, “What is most important in your life.” I know, I know we have all heard this question many times. But, it was the answers that really caught me off guard. People listed God, their family, and their legacy which is really what you expect to hear. But he pointed something that I had never noticed, nothing was listed that cost a penny.

We work our whole lives trying to accumulate things. We try and get the nice car, house, boat, and all kind of other things but on our death bed do we look back and smile about all the stuff we have earned and acumulated. We smile and think about the God we are finally gettig ready to meet, the family had the priviledge to be a part of, and great things we did for God. So next time you are working your tail off thinking about that “thing” your gonna buy, take a second and think about how much it really is gonna matter in the end.

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