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Turning Back

January 23, 2012

Well, its another election year. I am not even going to turn this into a political forum but there is one thing that no matter what side of the line we fall on in political views we need to agree on. This country is in trouble and we need help. I am a firm believer that this country has gotten in trouble because it has drifted from God. When we started as a country we were a Christian nation. Since then we have slowly drifted from what brought us prosperity, and that is service to God.

We used to fear God, now we mock Him and laugh in His face. The only time we as a country call on Him is in the time of great need or disaster. Whenever I think about this I think about a friend I used to have that would only call me when they had something they needed done. I was only a friend for them when there was work to be done. And believe me, it used to make me crazy and not want to do anything for them. So when I think about God and how most of us only go to Him when they need something, this is what I think about in my own life.

I know that it has to upset God to see that the only time we need Him is when we need Him. We have heard this all our lives probably, “we need to get back to God”. But now is a time for action not sayings. If we as a country don’t put it in God’s hands again, our country will fail. We owe it to other generations the way the previous generations have built this country for us. They gave us a future better than any of them had, so for the future generations lets make this country better for them than what we have. Lets turn back to God!

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