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Separation of Church and State

May 16, 2012

In the news the past few weeks, this has been in the news a lot. I have also noticed many people in my newsfeed on Facebook full of people hollaring about it. But I need to ask you a question, do you really know what this truly means and what it is for? Most people don’t but I want to talk about it here for a minute.

When this was first put into place here in this country, it was to keep the government out of the church. The government should never be able to walk into a church and tell the preach what he can or cant say. No government official should ever be able to decide what should be going on in a church or how things are being carried out there. Only God should have a final say about anything that goes on in His church.

The other part of this is that people say the church should have nothing to do with the government. I actually agree with this but not for the reason you think. First off, saying the church should be seperate from government is not saying that our leaders should be heathens. We just don’t need a church run government.

What we need is a God run government. No where in the seperation of church and state argument does it say that a government should be Godless. God should not be seperate from anything other than sin. Every decision we make, especially when it comes to our country should be made with glorifying God as the first and foremost thing in our mind. God help us to return to this kind of government!

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