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Know Who Your Talking About

May 17, 2012

I was reading in John 1 a couple nights ago and started thinking about John the Baptist. Have you ever thought that all the rabbi’s were preaching about the coming Messiah. So if everyone was preaching and teaching the same thing, what made his message so different? It was because John knew who he was talking about.

In Luke 1:41 John met Jesus and kept in his mothers womb. So as John was preaching it was not that he hoped for his soon coming, he knew he was already there. He knew the man he was preaching about.

When we tell others about Jesus, or teach the Word of God, or preach how much more powerful is what we have to say when we know who we’re talking about. You can describe a stranger to anyone but you probably won’t do that good of a job. But, if you know someone you can describe them so much better. You can tell all the little things about them most people never see because you are close with them. So know Jesus better so you can know who you are talking about.

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