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Reset Button

December 19, 2012

Whenever something freezes or isn’t working right one of the best ways to get it working again is to just hit the reset button. I know when I was a kid playing video games on the original Nintendo system I would have to hit the reset button every couple hours because it would freeze up. And most of the time after I would hit the reset button whatever the problem was would be gone just like that.

There are certain areas of life where it would be nice to hit the reset button. Maybe things are getting stale and you just feel like your getting in a rut. I think that us Christians are the worst in the world about this. We let our faith get stale and frozen. We fall into a rut that we just can’t seem to get out of, or may not even know we are in the bottom of it.

If we could just step back and realize we are in a rut then we could hit that reset button on our faith. Sometimes we just need to do something to freshen things up a little. Maybe for you it could be a reading plan, or a prayer journal. Whatever it is just do it. Make your faith fresh and real again so that you can enjoy your salvation instead of just enduring it!

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