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The Right Road

July 19, 2013

Sometimes getting on the right road isn’t the only part of the journey. Sometimes we have to make sure we are going in the right direction too. It doesn’t do any of us any good to be on the right road heading in reverse or just flat out going the wrong direction. I’m worried that a lot of us just settle for the right road and never consider the right direction.


My wife and me have a tradition that was started on accident but has never failed to be true. We get lost once every time we leave our home town. I know this is inexcusable in a time when we have GPS on our phones and sites like Mapquest that even tell you where to stop and go to the bathroom, but still we get lost somehow.

We don’t get lost because we want to or even because we think its a possibility, but usually because one of us (me) thinks they know exactly where we are going. (I know this is a stereotype but most are around because they are true) I also think that this is why so many people get distracted and end up going the wrong direction on the right road, they think they know exactly how to get to their destination.


But once we get on the right road we need to let God show us exactly which direction we need to be going in. The more we think we know where we are going the more lost we will usually end up, but God will never put us on the wrong path or even let us drift if we just trust Him. So quit depending on your own sense of direction and go to our true compass on this road we call life.

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