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The Hipster Superstore

July 20, 2013

Target is really a genius. They have swooped in and saved the hipsters from having to go to Walmart and given them an option they don’t have nightmares about. We have all heard countless jokes about the kind of people you see at Walmart but before there was a Target in my town you could see the occasional hipster in their skinny jeans and their relevant/ironic t-shirt poking their head out from the end of the isles to make sure it was safe to come out like a scared deer watching for oncoming traffic.


But don’t when a Target opens near by you can almost hear the collective sigh of relief come from the hipster community. It really is the only option besides the trendy little downtown shops. It is the only place they have that they can go and get a cup of their favorite triple grande double pump of mocha non fat decaf iced latte as they go in to look at the organic foods and the trendy furniture the store even sales. No longer are they scared, peeking out from the end of isles but they walk proudly (or ironically) through Target among their people.


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