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Getting Past the Labels

July 24, 2013

(I wanna start picking some thoughts about of the books I am reading right now. So right now I am reading through Craig Groeschel’s book Altar Ego. So I hope you enjoy these and get this book it is really an amazing book and very simple)


The central idea is that we get so hung up on the labels that people give us that we can’t see that God has a much bigger plan for our lives. We develop a wrong view point on who we are because of what other people think of us. Just because someone tells you that you aren’t good at something or you maybe don’t look as good as someone else doesn’t mean it is true. I know this will surprise many people out there (my wife mainly) but from time to time I have been wrong. I also know that I am not the only person to be in this boat. So when people beat you down and tell you that you aren’t good at something, why believe them? There is an even better way to handle it, prove them wrong!

God has a different view point of our lives and who we are meant to be than anyone else. Look at Gideon for example, God called him a “mighty man of valor” and when He did Gideon was hiding from his enemy. Gideon had to grow into the name God had given him but once he trusted what God said was right he began growing into that name! We need to trust God more so that we can grow into the name that He has given us!

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