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Born to Fly

August 3, 2013

There isn’t much that makes me more unhappy than when we have to waste food or when we waste money on something that we will never use. I just don’t like to waste anything really. I guess this comes from a point in my life when wasting was not an option. I would say that many of you reading this have gone through a similar time or have the same problem with wasting anything. The why would we ever want to waste the greatest things we have? We waste our salvation by just sitting around and doing nothing or we waste our gifts and abilities by just leaving them packaged up deep inside us.

Craig Groeshel uses the example in the book that its like a caterpillar who is born to only be able to crawl. Then something happens inside of a cocoon and that caterpillar comes out as a beautiful butterfly that is not bound to the ground anymore but can fly wherever it wants. Well many of us have burst free from the cocoon of our old selves but we are still crawling around and not taking advantage of our new nature. We have to stop crawling and realize that we are now born to fly. Take advantage of the gifts God has given you and soar!


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