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Always Honor

August 8, 2013

Honoring people can be really hard. Lets face it, we all think there are people out there that under no circumstances deserve to be honored, but I know I confuse honor with respect all the time. Craig Groeschel says “honor should be given and respect should be earned.” Which is a very convicting statement for me because I withhold honor more than I even realized. What do I mean? There are times when I mail it in when it comes to honoring people. We as Christians should show honor to everyone we come across. We should treat the server bringing us our food with honor even if they aren’t the best we’ve ever had. If we are dealing with a hard to deal with customer, we should still show them honor. In every social transaction in life we should show honor because you never know who is watching.


There will be people you come across that you frankly don’t want to show honor to. You will think they don’t deserve your honor because they are awful people or they have done something horrible to you or someone your close with so you withhold all honor from that person. But I will ask you this, didn’t Christ value that person enough to die for them? Didn’t he love that person enough to give everything for them? The answer is yes. You have to think about the fact that if you can’t see a reason to show honor to the person, honor them because Christ valued them above His own life. Honor them because that is what we have been called to do. Treat them with the same value that Christ gave them and just sit back and watch it change their lives!


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