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Don’t Get Burned

August 8, 2013

It’s awesome to be comfortable in a relationship, in fact you should be totally comfortable in your relationship. But you shouldn’t ever get so comfortable that you take it for granted. I think is is the number 1 killer of relationships and that plain and simple complacency. Whenever you become complacent about something you are asking for trouble.

I used to work as a cook at fast food place where you cook the subs in front of people on an awesome, big grill. I was good, I know you shouldn’t brag too much but that wasn’t just my opinion, a lot of people thought so and told me. I would get so into grilling 10 or more meats and vegetables at a time I would go into cruise control. Most of the time this worked just fine until one day I wasn’t paying enough attention because I was “in the zone” and burnt myself pretty badly all because I wasn’t paying enough attention.

When we don’t pay enough attention to our relationships, we will run into the same problem. We will think everything is just fine and then the next thing you know, you will be burnt bad. You will be blindsided to find out your marriage is falling a part or the guy or girl you knew was the “one” is moving on and you were so out of it you never even realized there was a problem. Keep your eyes on the grill and you’ll keep your hands off the grill.


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