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The God of Purpose

November 13, 2014
What do you actually do on purpose?
People don’t just stumble into success.
What are the chances that you will just wake up one day and find yourself successful or spiritually mature?
My math isn’t great but I am going to lean towards around 0.
We must intentionally get up each morning and decide that we are going to serve God. We have to decide that we are going to grow as a Christian. God is very purposeful about everything that He does. He doesn’t do anything “just because”, He does everything because there is a purpose behind it.
So we have to make a few simple decisions every day.
We have to live on purpose.
Christ has given us a new life in Him and the only reasonable thing we can do is to try and live our lives for Him. But it takes a decision daily to do this. It is not a natural thing to live for someone else so we have to make the decision everyday to purposefully live for Him. So are you making the decision to live for Him?
Thinking on Purpose
One of the biggest battles we will face when trying to live for Him is trying to keep our mind where it needs to be. The entire world is designed to distract us and to keep our minds from focusing on anything of any importance. If we keep our mind on God and the things that He wants from us, it will actually begin to affect how we live.
A mind on God builds a life with God.
Worship on Purpose
Worshiping God shouldn’t just be something we fit in or do when we have a free second. We should set time aside each day to worship God. He is worthy of everything so I feel like we should make Him worthy of a spot on our schedule. You have to make the decision every day to worship God.
It all comes down to a decision. Will you serve God or will you serve your own motives?
“but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”joshua2415


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